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Are Your Pets Holiday Ready?

December 18th 2017

Are Your Pets Holiday Ready?

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time to gather with friends and family, but they aren't always as fun for our four-legged companions with the added guests, travel, decorations and festive atmosphere – all potential hazards for our pets. We need to keep in mind their safety as we decorate our homes, and keep the holiday food out of reach, as many foods such as chocolate, sweets containing xylitol and many others are hazardous to our pets. Electrical cords, glass ornaments and tinsel garland may be attractive, but they are attractive in the wrong way for our pets! No one wants their pet to end up in emergency for ingesting an ornament, being cut by fragile glass decorations, suffering from electrocution for chewing electrical cords, or being burnt by lit candles. Even pine needles can be dangerous to the avid chewer, causing mouth irritation and digestive issues.

Our animals like their routine and enjoy spending time with us, but additional guests in the home may be stressful. Therefore, ensure your dog or cat has a quiet place of refuge where they can get away from the crowds and decrease their anxiety. If your are travelling with your pet to friends or relatives, take a carrier for them so they can have a familiar place to rest, and bring their familiar food to prevent digestive upsets. Make sure you make time for their walks or cuddles.

Here is a list of some of the more common poisonous plants and foods, whose reactions can be mild to severe, even fatal:

Macadamia Nuts

If your pet has ingested any of the above, contact your veterinarian or visit one of the 24 hr emergency clinics in the city. A complete list of emergency clinics can be found on our website at www.mvvcdekens.ca

For more information on household toxins for your pets, you may contact the National Animal Poison Control Centre or the Pet Poison Helpline 24/7 Animal Poison Control Centre at 1-855-764-7661 (fees may apply).

There is also a phone app for toxicities: APCC by ASPCA.

Important Note: If your pet is on any medications, ensure you have an ample supply of medication prior to the holidays, as clinics may have shortened hours and may not be available to fill prescriptions on short notice.

Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic will be closing for the holidays at noon on Christmas Eve so our staff may spend time with their family and friends. We will reopen at 8am on Wednesday December 27.

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