How We Love Our Pets

February 14th 2020


Mr. Porridge
I love Mr. Porridge because he is very vocal and you can really feel like your having a conversation with him. I always call him Mr. Romantic, because he likes to hold paws/hands while watching a movie and will look at you with half closed eyes and give you a boop and a kiss. He is my senior rescue and he always tries to make sure I know he appreciates it.
Koen is my old man dog. He is a goofball and not the sharpest tool in the shed but you’ve never met a happier dog who holds no grudges. He may only be 6.5kg but he likes to think he is 65kg and hates being carried and he likes to walk. He’s a blind little man so we are getting good at listening to sounds of voices and coming towards that.
He is the newest member to our Zoo, and he definitely has a personality. He loves snuggles and adventures and not too much phases him. He is only six months, but is almost as big as Porridge, he is excellent at fetch and he thinks he’s really good at killing his toys, the bathtub is his favorite place in the house and watching the toilet flush is also extremely entertaining apparently.


I spoil my boy with love with cuddles, he is a complete lap dog and a big sweetheart!  His second favorite thing is going for long walks to show the neighborhood what a “big” dog he is!


I always get asked what breed Jetta is and she is a 13-year-old Chihuahua x Brussel Griffon mix. I provide her with multiple beds and she even gets the option to sleep on my bed if she wants too. Sometimes during the winter months I may even put on a heating pad in her bed to help her joints and the majority of the time she does need to be helped up and down the stairs.

With Jetta’s age it does come with its challenges but I am happy to reciprocate whatever she needs because she has only provided me with numerous years of joy, comfort, love and laughter.


I show my little dogs love by giving them a special treat every now and then. After all, who does not love a little treat?

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