A Q&A with Dr. Jill Rankin

September 1st 2020

Q: Tell us about your first pet.

A: My first pet was actually two dogs we adopted from the animal shelter named Chester and Chaucer! Chester was a black-lab crossed with a collie and Chaucer was a shelter special (aka a mixed breed). They were both the centre of my universe as I was growing up. I loved them sooooo much! They let me do goofy things like dress them up in funny outfits and we would play for hours in our backyard as a child.

Q: Tell us your favourite animal-related story.

A: I remember one time I was taking my dog Nanook (a golden lab crossed wolf) for a walk on a leash when he suddenly saw a gopher in the distance. Immediately he booked it across the yard with me still attached to his leash! As I was a 12-year-old little girl at the time and was wafer thin, he had no problem dragging me across the yard with him. It was quite the ride indeed! Good times! Haha :)

Q: Tell us about your pets now.

A: I recently have had to put down my 15-year-old Yorkie named Charlee, as he had many health problems that could no longer be managed with medical care. He was very special to me, and he will always be in my heart.

Q: What are your favourite things to do with your pet?

A: I loved to go running with Charlee, as well as take trips to the river and to various lakes to go swimming! We also enjoyed snuggles while watching tv and Charlee knew how to make me feel better with endless kisses and tail wags.

Q: How have you been able to adapt during contactless pet care during COVID-19

A: I love seeing pictures of my patients as well as discuss with the owner about all the little quirks their pets have, so that I can get to know both the owner and the pet better!

Q: What do you love the most about veterinary surgery?

A: I love that there are always more surgical procedures to learn, as veterinary medicine is constantly changing. I also love that I can see immediate results with surgery!

Q: What do you love about dentistry? 

A: It brings me joy to know that I can help an animal to immediately feel better by addressing their dentistry concerns. 

Q: What is your approach with clients and their pets?

A: I want my clients to find comfort in knowing we are in this together. I went to vet school because I love animals and I want to help them live their best lives.

Having said that, I understand that medical care can become expensive. Therefore, I want to be able to work together with the owner in order to come to the best treatment plan possible given financial constraints.

A note from Dr. Dekens:
We are so happy to welcome Dr. Rankin to Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic. She has been a great addition with her positive personality and huge love of animals.

To book an appointment with her, call us at (403) 615-8016.

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