Are Our Puppy Dog Friends Prone to Diabetes?

November 9th 2020

By Dr. Jill Rankin
There are three different types of diabetes in dogs, with Type I (insulin-dependent) being the most common. In this type of diabetes there is an insulin deficiency and the body relies on external insulin supplementation.
There are a number of factors that play into a dog developing diabetes, which is one great reason to ensure your dog has regular check-ups a with a licenced veterinarian!

The Signs of Diabetes in Dogs

SOOOOO… What should we as owners look for at home that might suggest doggie diabetes?
  1. Increased urination - Perhaps you’re taking Fluffy out to pee more than usual?
  2. Increased drinking - Is Bowser the bulldog lapping at the water bowl more than he normally would?
  3. Increased appetite - Has Poppy the pug been chowing down like never before?
  4. Weight loss - Does Max the Maltase appear to have lost a bit of weight recently?

How Diabetes is Diagnosed in Dogs

Once finished discussing these observations, your veterinarian may suggest performing further diagnostics in order to confirm the diagnosis including:
  • Running bloodwork
  • Collecting a urine sample
  • Running follow-up tests that may help to confirm the diagnosis

Treatment for Dogs With Diabetes 

If diabetes is diagnosed in your pupper, your veterinarian will discuss the treatment options, including:
  1. Administering daily injections of insulin
  2. Feeding a diabetes specific diet
  3. Addressing any underlying conditions and/or complicating factors that may be present in your doggo
  4. Ensuring that both you and your dog are set up for success in the treatment plan 

Finally, with your veterinarian’s help, by performing routine blood work and urine assessments, as well as measuring Fluffy’s daily blood glucose levels, you can ensure that both you and Fluffy may go on to enjoy many more memorable moments together, even with a diabetes diagnosis.
Please let us know if we can help assist you with any further questions regarding diabetes in your furry lovable friend and we would be happy to do so! Call us at (403) 615-8016 to book an appointment with our veterinarians.

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