Catching Up With Dr. Pugh

January 20th 2021

 Dr. Tara Pugh made a life-changing decision in 2019 to leave South Africa, where she practiced both wildlife and small animal veterinary medicine and come to Canada to join the team at Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic.
It’s about time we catch up with Dr. Pugh and give you all an update.
Q: You have been in Canada for a year-and-a-half now. Can you catch us up on what has happened in that time?
A: There have been many ups and downs since arriving in Calgary! Emigrating is never easy, but the pandemic has also been rough on us all. It has been wonderful to see how the local community has banded together to support one another during these tough times.

I also completed my Canadian Veterinary Certification exams during this time so I can now practice without restrictions as a fully licensed DVM. I am so grateful for my “work family” at Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic, who have been so supportive along the way.

Outside of work, we have been settling into our new lives in Canada. We adopted a little cat from the Calgary Humane Society called Fysh, and we have a Golden Retriever puppy named Martial. We have also been exploring our new surroundings – what a beautiful place we live in! The scenery around Calgary is truly breath-taking!
Q: What have been some highlights of your time as a small animal veterinarian in Calgary?
A: I really appreciate our wonderful clients. It is so rewarding to see how much people care about their pets and want only the best for their fur-children. Despite the tough times we have been going through, it is so inspiring that I continue to meet such kind and compassionate people. It is a great lesson to us all!

It has also been a privilege to see the Montgomery Village Vet Clinic grow over the last 18 months. With a strong foundation of compassion for pets and their guardians, the team and clinic has grown and flourished. We are so fortunate to be able to expand our services in order to provide gold-standard medical care to even more patients!
Q: Why do you like working for a family-owned clinic, like Montgomery Village Vet Clinic? How does it benefit your practice and the pets you are seeing?
A: Montgomery Village Vet Clinic is “Convenient, Collaborative and Pet-centred” – we aim to spend time getting to know our patients and clients, building a relationship and providing the best care. We are holistic veterinarians, meaning we address the patient as a whole – mind and body.

We strive to ensure that all pets have a fear-free experience with us, and hopefully get excited to visit us in the future! These values allow me to practice the best medicine possible and offer our clients and their pets the best care.
Q: What are your special interests in cat and dog veterinary medicine?
A: I have grown to enjoy so many aspects of veterinary medicine. I have a very special interest in surgery and dentals and it is so rewarding to see how our patients feel so much better after these procedures.

I also have a special place in my heart for geriatric patients – it is so important to monitor them closely as they age. Most people do not realise the importance of regular exams and screening bloodwork in elderly patients. So many diseases or conditions, when caught early, can be managed well, drastically improving quality of life and lifespan.
Q: What are some reasons you would encourage people to have their pet come see a vet regularly?
A: I have always strongly advocated for proactive care as opposed to reactive care. Many pet owners only consider a visit to the vet when they notice their pet is sick or in pain. However, it is very important for owners to bring their pets into the vet regularly for health checks and routine blood work.

By doing this, we are able to detect and treat many issues that owners may have not yet noticed at home. This is important to maintain a great quality of life for the pet and can also extend the pet’s life. Read my blog on this topic on the Montgomery Village Vet Clinic website.
Q: How are you bridging the gap between patient care and client communication in the times of COVID and curbside pickup?
A: Rest assured that not much has changed with regards to our patient care or client communication. The only unfortunate aspect is that we are unable to have our clients accompany their pets into the building for their appointment.

We still strive to offer a wonderful, fear-free experience for our patients, while ensuring they get a full physical examination with each appointment. We call our clients to discuss their concerns or needs for their pets, and if there are any follow up questions, we make ourselves available.
If you would like to book a mobile or in-clinic appointment with Dr. Pugh, please call (403) 615-8016.

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