One Conversation Could Change Your Pet’s Life

June 29th 2018

For pet parents, having a happy, healthy cat or dog is the most important thing. Our time with our pets is precious and can feel way too short. So how can our pets have the longest and healthiest lives?

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Just like us, a healthy diet and weight is important for disease prevention and overall good health.

A regular exercise routine also contributes to better health and mental stimulation.

Obesity and Pet Health

Just like in people, we’ve seen an increase in pet obesity over the past few decades. The percentage of overweight pets has been steadily increasing. This has heightened the risk of developing medical conditions in our pets such as diabetes, heart issues and liver problems to name a few. Arthritis is especially hard on our pets if they are overweight.

For instance, a 10 percent loss of body weight in an obese animal is more beneficial in managing the effects of arthritis then any supplements, painkillers or anti-inflammatories, especially in larger dogs.

What Should I Feed My Cat or Dog?

So what is the best diet for your cat or dog? That’s actually a complicated question.

Many people ask how much protein and carbohydrates should my pet get in their diet? Should I be feeding vegetables? What weight should my dog or cat be? Pets are individuals with different dietary needs that change as they age.

That’s why we offer personalized nutritional consultations for cats and dogs. Our experienced veterinarians take a holistic approach when it comes to diet and nutrition. We can talk to you about feeding a raw, home cooked or store bought diet and determine what is best for your dog or cat.

What is Nutritional Counseling?

The visit starts with a weigh in for your pet and an assessment of its body condition score followed by a thorough review of your pet’s health issues and what they are being fed. This is followed by a complete physical examination and an opportunity to have all your questions and concerns answered.

Our veterinarians may or may not suggest lab tests to assess your pet’s overall health to ensure that there are no organ issues or deficiencies that would benefit from a dietary adjustment.

Diet and Pet Health

But even if your best friend is at it’s perfect weight, they may not be healthy.

Feeding an unbalanced diet on an ongoing basis invariably will lead to nutritional deficiencies, which likely will harm your pet’s health over time.
Some more questions you may want to ask are, what is in your pet’s food, is it species appropriate and are raw food, a homemade diet or kibble or canned/tinned foods the best? Does my pet have food allergies or are they reacting to their diet, causing skin conditions or other issues? Are they getting the nutrition they need and if not, should they be taking supplements?

We can provide you informed answers to all your questions because we will get to know your dog or cat and evaluate what is best for them.
If affordability is an issue when it comes to pet food, we can work with you to find the best option for you and your pet.
Please contact our clinic at 403-615-8016 if you have questions about a raw food diet or to book a nutritional counseling session with one of our experienced veterinarians.

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