Travel Tails!

October 26th 2014

TRAVEL BLOG: Travel Tails, as narrated by Sugar and Cayenne, the high flying Spice Girls

Hi, my name is Sugar and I am a Teacup Yorkie. While I am an older girl, I am well-travelled and, unlike my 3 year old Papillon sister Cayenne, I do know a thing or two about how to travel safely.

Firstly, for a successful travel experience you need a good travel plan, which is pet-proof with pre-arranged seating on the flight (or cargo if you are big). The airlines only allow so many pets on their flights and flying during extreme winter conditions or a heat wave may also bring about travel restrictions, so make sure your parents check this out in advance!

Secondly, make sure your parents have all your vaccination records up to date. That is easy for me and Cayenne, as our dad is Dr Dirk Dekens! Bring all your vaccination records and id tags just in case you get lost!

It is also important to know the name of an emergency veterinary clinic where you are travelling to since sometimes we get sick and need care. Better safe than sorry. If you are on any medications, take them with you in original containers and be sure you have enough medication for the entire trip. We also travel with our favorite food and snacks since our tummies can get upset on strange food.

On a recent trip we had a breakdown on the highway and thank goodness mom and dad had bottled water and food for us along with our proper carriers and car restraints. With distracted driving laws in place in certain provinces, we need to be kept safe and not distract our mom or dad driving.

We also arranged for a pet-friendly hotel to stay at and had a 2 night stay at an open concept boarding kennel and spa – the Niagara Pet Resort. This was arranged for us in advance with all medical records and information sent ahead of time so once we arrived we were able to settle in. What we liked about the place was 24 hour supervision, open concept sleeping for Cayenne and I, and a separate lounge area for senior and little dogs like me. I even had a bath and came back smelling very good! I know Cayenne and I enjoyed travelling with our parents and they enjoyed it because we were well taken care of and the trip was made pet friendly and stress free.

If your parents are thinking to travel with you – make sure you start planning early, contact my dad,Dr Dirk Dekens, for any help with vaccinations, medications and travel advice. The holiday season is around the corner. Cayenne and I wish you Happy and Safe Travels!


Sugar and Cayenne (with the help of Dr Dirk Dekens, Dekens Housecall Veterinary Services)

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