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January 3rd 2019

 Q&A with Dr. Dirk Dekens
Q: After almost 20 years of working as a mobile vet, why did you decide to open your own clinic?
A: It always concerned me that I had to send my patients to another clinic for necessary procedures such as dental cleanings, oral surgery, spays and neuters, X-rays, etc.

Were the animals going to be treated with the same care and gentleness I always aspired to and were my clients going to be pleased with the services they received elsewhere? I did not like the fact that I was losing the continuity of care for my patients.
Q: What did you want to accomplish when you opened the Montgomery Village Vet Clinic?
A: I wanted to build something unique and entirely different from any other clinic in Calgary.

The focus had to be on creating a setting for our patients and our clients with the main goal of reducing the stress level and unpleasantness of going to see the “doctor”. I knew that doing house calls offered, in most cases, the least stressful experience for our clients and their beloved pets. So we set out to re-create that familiar home setting in our clinic.

It was also important that we be available as to everyone, including people who work during the week, so that is why we decided we will be open 7-days/week. I do feel we’ve achieved that goal at the Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic.
Q: How have your goals been accomplished over the last year?
A: Well, building the clinic and passing all the needed inspections with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association was our biggest goal and we achieved all of that.

Seeing the first few cats and dogs coming through our doors to check out their new clinic was very special indeed. So many more have done so since and it is so interesting and heartwarming to see the pets and their owners relax after they walk through our front entrance or check out our patio.

We also continue to meet new goals by re-evaluating what we are doing to remain focused on the values that guide our practice and are always learning and growing.
Q: Why do you continue to do your mobile practice?
A: Mobile practice will continue to be my big passion. I have been invited into so many homes over these past 20 years and I have built many great relationships with my clients and their pets. I don’t want to lose that.

There is nothing more rewarding than being jumped on and greeted with the greatest exuberance by the owner’s dog or dogs because they know that I am bringing them some tasty liver treats and to see the smile on my client’s faces. J
Q: What approach to veterinary medicine do you take and why?
A: It is a mixture of how veterinary medicine used to be practiced in the “olden days” and openness to newer approaches in veterinary medicine, which includes a more integrative approach on helping my patients heal themselves. I don’t cure animals. I just give them a little help so they can get better themselves. I take little credit for what I do. My patients are the real heroes.

I also believe it’s important to offer our clients options when it comes to the care of their pets. Not everyone can readily afford to run all the tests recommended under the guise of standards of care as the only option available to their pets.
Q: What type of relationship do you strive for with your clients?
A: A collaborative and pe-centered one. My clients know me as Dirk and they are not afraid to share their opinions and experiences with me. No white coat syndrome here. I always invite an open dialogue about what ultimately is best for their pets and what works best for my clients.
Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a vet?
A: Do I need to say it? The animals of course! As a vet I get to build so many great bonds with my patients… we don’t need language to communicate. They always tell me how they feel about me, good or not so good sometimes. With animals, what you see is what you get, no hidden agendas, real upfront communication pet to vet and I love them for that.
Q: What do you want to accomplish at Montgomery Village Vet Clinic and Dekens Housecall Services over the next year?
A: I want the clinic to grow and get busier of course. However, more than that, I want the clinic to become a destination clinic, not just a local clinic people go to because it is nearby and convenient. Many of our mobile clients have embraced the fact that we now have a brick and mortar location to bring their pets to as a stress reduced alternative and most don’t mind driving across the city to come see us. That is awesome! It frees up our mobile services time so we can accept new clients.

Whether it is for the clinic or for our mobile services we are ready to show anyone who wants to try us out what we are all about.

We also want to engage more with the community and city we serve to provide a different kind of veterinary experience and find ways to give back to animal-based charities to help animals in need.
To make an appointment at our clinic in NW Calgary call us at (403) 615-8016.

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