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January 22nd 2019

Q - Why does Montgomery Village Vet Clinic also offer mobile services
A - We have been offering our mobile veterinary services since 1999 in Calgary and surrounding area. The main benefit has been a marked reduction in the stress level for our patients and our clients.
Q - What veterinary services can be provided at a house call?
A - We provide a large variety of in-home veterinary services. From looking after puppies and kittens, annual check-ups, attending to sick animals, performing minor surgical procedures, nutritional and behavioural consultations, to palliative and end of life care to name a few. We truly offer a large range of services in the comfort of your home.
To learn more of the vet services you can have done in your home visit our website.
Q - Under what circumstances is it a good idea to book a mobile visit?

A - There are many occasions where a mobile visit is a good idea. From looking after the very young animals, to protecting them from potential exposure to serious infectious diseases, to older geriatric animals with mobility issues, to multiple pet households, to owners who lack transportation or have their own mobility issues.
Q - What are the benefits of in-home visits for the pet?
A - The pet is looked after in its familiar, safe home environment and is not exposed to the unfamiliar smells and sounds of a veterinary clinic, which may be scary for the pet. Cats and dogs have a great ability to make a negative association between past unpleasant experiences in a vet clinic and the sensory stimulations they get when walking into any vet clinic.
Q - What are the benefits of mobile vet visits for the owners?
A - The owners are also more relaxed being that that they are at home. When they notice that their pet is less stressed it affects them in a positive way. Our clients are also subject to the well-known white coat syndrome when visiting a vet clinic. At home we can usually eliminate or reduce this effect. A calmer, more relaxed owner usually translates into a less nervous pet.
Q - What happens during a house call visit when there is an issue that requires clinic or hospital care?
A - We then switch gears and have the owner bring in their pet to our clinic. Some examples are when there is a need for X-rays, surgery and dental procedures. Our clinic was built with the pet in mind first and foremost. When you walk through our door, it is a bit like walking into your own home.
Q - Why should people consider having their pet euthanized at home?
A - This is usually a time when the pet is hurting and struggling, not unlike their owners who are making the difficult decision to say goodbye to their cat or dog. There is no better place typically to do the euthanasia procedure than in the safe and familiar confines of the home.
Q - How do aggressive, timid, or fearful pets benefit from a home visit?
A - We come loaded with tasty treats and we take our time to settle and to get to know your pet and what makes it aggressive, timid or fearful. This is something that takes time and should never be rushed. If we can’t do a full examination, that’s ok. We can always come back again and start from where we left off. Building a relationship with those pets takes time and we are good with that.
Q - What is the most gratifying part of making house calls?
A - The enthusiasm of the pets when we walk into the home anticipating the fact that they are going to get some treats and seeing the smiles on our client’s faces. It is our honour to be invited in one’s home. We never take that for granted.
If you are not currently a client at Montgomery Village Vet Clinic and want more information about our services and prices, please sign up on our pet registry.
Our vets would love to meet your pet in their home or in our clinic. Call us at (403) 615-8016 to make an appointment.
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