Why Gentle Dentals Aren’t Enough

February 12th 2019

What is a gentle dental?

A gentle dental is a non-anesthetic dental cleaning that gets surface debris off the teeth. A gentle dental is the same as us brushing our teeth at home – it removes plaque and food from between our teeth, but doesn’t mean we no longer need to visit the dentist.

When it comes to our pet’s teeth, cleaning below the gum line is very important. See the picture below of a tooth with dental disease below the gum line. Getting under the gum line can only happen when your pet is under anesthetic while using the proper tools.

Should I get a gentle dental for my pets?

Yes, you should clean your pet’s teeth. A gentle dental can be done at home or at a groomer. It is recommended you brush your pet’s teeth daily, or at least every second day.

You can read more about brushing your pet’s teeth here. Or you can watch our brush your cat or dog’s teeth how-to videos on YouTube.

A gentle dental done by a groomer may be more thorough, but cannot replace regular teeth cleaning at home and regular veterinary dental cleanings.

What is a veterinary dental?

A full prophylaxis dental in clinic is when your pet is put under general anesthetic and we clean the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler, the same as your dentist would use on you. It doesn’t cause harm to the teeth and gets rid of all the things your can’t see with the naked eye.

It also includes full mouth radiographs just like your dentist.

Why should my pet have regular veterinary dental cleanings?

While your dog or cat is under anesthesia we can have a full look visually all the way to the back of the mouth, probe the teeth and take radiographs of all the teeth to make sure they look healthy under the gums as well.

How often should your pet get an in-clinic dental check-up

Your veterinarian should check your pet’s teeth during every annual exam.

Did you know that any animal over the age of three typically has gum disease?

How often should your pet get an in-clinic cleaning?

This is completely dependent on the pet. Your veterinarian will advise you based on their checkup of the teeth.

What is the cost of a gentle dental vs a cleaning?

A gentle dental is more affordable than a dental cleaning, but you may be paying far more in the future if your pet’s teeth need to be extracted.

Dental disease causes chewing and eating problems for your pet when their teeth are in pain or missing. However, if your pet’s teeth are diseased they need to be extracted. Dental disease can cause infections, organ harm, organ disease and pain for your pet.

We are not able to share our dental prices in this blog, as veterinarians across Alberta have agreed prices should not be shared online. Please call our clinic at (403) 615-8016 to find out more about our dental pricing. 

How can dental care be more affordable?

Inquire at your vet clinic if they have a dental plan. Some clinics offer dental health plans. Pet insurance may provide some coverage for extractions.
But we can’t emphasize enough the importance of prevention when it comes to keeping your cat or dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Brushing their teeth daily, in combination with feeding them dental chews, as well as having your vet regularly check their teeth and having them cleaned when your vet recommends it is the best way to avoid painful and costly dental problems.
Please call us for more details at (403) 615-8016

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