Meet Dr. Sheri Sekhon - a Q&A with our new vet!

September 8th 2019

When did you know you wanted to be a vet?

I was always playing with stuffed animals and plastic animals.
It blossomed on a trip to India with the family. I was feeding the water buffalo. They were eating hay and I was feeding them by hand. I was more interested in feeding the water buffalo and interacting with the stray dogs than my family.
I realized I wanted a career as a veterinarian when I got a guinea pig named Shadow at the age of 8. She had a whoopsie, fell off a chair and slipped a disk and was paralyzed in her hind legs for a while. That was our first big interaction with a vet. Shadow was given a steroid to reduce inflammation. I would crush it and mix it into water and give it to her in straw or a syringe. That immediately kicked me into ‘I want to do this.’ I was able to help heal her.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a vet

I took my Zoology undergraduate at the U of C. I chose zoology because it seemed more interesting and they taught more about physiology of animals and I thought that would be a good foundation for veterinary medicine.

What brought you to Grenada for vet school?

My mom suggested it. While applying I decided to broaden my horizons and I applied to St. George's University. It is an American school and Canadian accredited and in your last year you do your clinical at a partner school, so I went to Saskatoon.
Living in Grenada was pretty interesting. It is a different culture and a developing country. You see the very well off and the poverty stricken. It doesn’t matter their financial situation, there are lots of people who really love their animals, but they are just not educated on what they need to do. We had to tell them to make sure water is always available to their animals, for example. Educating people was really gratifying.

How was your first week at Montgomery Village Vet Clinic?

I’m just getting used to everything and how the workflow is here. I can start taking patients Sept. 12 so they are easing me into how things flow in the clinic.
I’ve been popping into appointments with Dirk when I can and shadowing with locums when I can.

What are your some of your specific interests in veterinary medicine?

I’m interested in geriatric patients, chronic disease management, skin and eye issues… because I’m new, I’m really interested in everything.

I’m going to continue to develop my skill set.

How would you describe your approach with pet owners? 

I try to be very friendly and keep it informal, so they will open up and talk to me about their concerns about their pets.
And I try to keep a judgement-free area so they can talk to me without fear. I just want them to know I want to help the pet. It’s important to build a nice rapport with clients.

I know you are just getting started, but what are your future plans?

I’m looking forward to working with cats and dogs and I may start to look into treating rabbits and guinea pigs. I remember what it is like to be a 10-year-old kid with a guinea pig and finding it hard to find a vet to look at it because they are all dog and cat vets.

If you would like your pet to see Dr. Sekhon after Sept. 12, 2019 call us at (403) 615-8016 to book an appointment. 

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