AlphaVet Science Supplements 

Supplements can help your pet with their overall health and can also address specific health needs. Adding supplements, probiotics, minerals and vitamins to your dog or cat’s diet can help them live a longer and healthier life.
If you are wondering what supplements are best for your dog or cat,  visit our clinic at 117-4611 Bowness Rd. NW, call us at (403) 615-8016 or email us at
Here is what we carry:

Adapt VM – Provides adrenal and hormone production support. Also helps counter the effects of stress.
Antitis VM – Provides relief from the symptoms of arthritis and antioxidant support.
Articulaire VM – Provides joint, mobility and flexibility support.
Hepato VM – Provides antioxidants for liver function support.
Immuine VM – Provides immune system function support and antioxidants.
Nephro VM – Provides bladder function and kidney health support by reducing oxidative stress.
Omega 3/6/9 VM – Essential fatty acid blend from fish, flax seed and borage seed with vitamin E.
Pelcid VM – A herbal blend to help protect your pet against some intestinal parasites.
Probenz VM – Contains a prebiotic, digestive enzymes, medicinal botanicals and citrus bioflavonoids to support digestive system function.
Pulmo VM – Supports your dog and cat’s lung function by clearing out bacterial and environmental contaminants.
 SynoForte VM – This hyaluronic acid supplement support joint function and muscle strength.
VimForte VM – a mineral vitamin and antioxidant blend to support your dog or cat’s health.