Hilary's Blend home cooked pet food

Hilary's Blend was created by Hilary Watson, a pet nutritionist of 20 years, who only supplies her Meal Makers and supplements through veterinary clinics. Her products use human-grade ingredients and does not include allergens. 

Hilary's Blend offers your dog or cat a complete and balanced diet and gives you peace of mind knowing all the ingredients in your pet's food.

Choose from home cooked recipe, supplements and recommended oil or the Meal Maker Blends that allows you to simply add a cooked protein, the supplements and recommended oil. 

Complete and Balanced Cookbooks

Hilary Watson has written her Complete and Balance cookbooks for dogs, cats and pets with renal issues. Our staff can recommend and share recipes with you, or order you your own copy. You cook the recipes for your pet, adding the Hilary's Blend Balancer supplements and recommended oil.

Meal Starters

Hilary's BlendMeal Starters allow you to cook a complete and balanced meal for your pet by providing all the vegetables. Simply rehydrate and add one of the recommended proteins, Hilary's Blend Balancer Supplements and the recommended oil.


Hilary's Blend Balancer is a supplement that are formulated to ensure your pet is getting the essential minerals and vitamins they need. They are added to the home cooked recipes and Meal Balancer along with a recommended oil, such as an Omega, to ensure the best nutrition for your pet.

If you have questions or would like to know if Hilary's Blend is suitable for your pet, visit our clinic at 117-4611 Bowness Rd. NW, call us at (403) 615-8016 or email us at