Meet Our Team

Patient Care

Dr. Dirk Dekens, DVM - Owner

I was only six years old when I proclaimed to my parents and family that I wanted to become a veterinarian. I didn’t live on a farm nor did I have any exposure to the “field of animal medicine”. Nevertheless I always fostered a keen interest and thirst for knowledge about nature and animals in general. We didn’t have any cats, dogs or large animals, but my dad had built a small aviary which, to my delight, housed a variety of song birds, quails, guinea pigs and two beautiful “striped tree squirrels”, which I aptly named Jeff and Josephine. The quails laid eggs, the guinea pigs multiplied as guinea pigs do , but to everyone’s delight Jeff and Josephine also surprised us with four healthy baby squirrels. The miracle of life was unfolding right in front of us. Needless to say I was in my element!

The only thing that was missing, in my mind at least, was the ability, like Dr. Doolittle, to talk to the animals. Later on, of course, I learned that animals have their own ways to communicate with each other and with us, they just do it differently. The rest, as they say, is history.

I went to vet school in Ghent, Belgium and graduated with a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine in 1986. I owned a small and exotic animal practice in Ghent offering both in clinic and housecalls for my clients but decided to take the big move and emigrated to Canada in 1989. My career since has been varied and stimulating as I worked in a variety of veterinary clinical and surgical settings.

Highlights for me have been my work as an emergency veterinarian at the now closed Calgary Animal Emergency Clinic for about three years and an eight year full-on commitment as the first full time veterinarian hired by the Calgary Humane Society. I also co-founded and owned Sit Happens! Companion Dog Training, a force-free and reward based dog training school in Calgary.

My interests in veterinary medicine revolve around animal welfare, ethical issues in veterinary medicine and the importance of the human animal bond. My greatest pleasure has been and continues to be the interactions with my clients and their nonhuman companions as I travel from home to home. Maybe I do have a bit of a Dr. James Herriot inside of me :)

Sheri Sekhon

When I was about six years old I learned that there was such a career as "animal doctor". I knew from then on that that is what I would become.
I completed my undergraduate degree in zoology, then I attended an animal health technician program for one year and was accepted into St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine.
Going to school on the tropical island of Grenada was an amazing experience for me. I grew to appreciate how diverse the field of veterinary medicine can be by teaming up with the medical school and hosting free One Health One Medicine clinics for the public and I aided in research on sea turtle nesting. Being on the island also afforded me the opportunity to eat a lot of locally made dark chocolate! 
In terms of veterinary medicine, I am interested in managing chronic diseases, geriatric patients and generally, the variety that comes with general practice.
I was born and raised in Calgary and am glad to be back in my hometown practicing something I'm so passionate about. 
I have three little dogs named Rosco, Roxy and Winston. Rosco and Roxy, the eldest two, are Shih Tzu crosses that I've had since high school. Winston is my low-riding island mutt who I adopted while I was in Grenada.
In my free time I am either playing video games, reading, working on a cross stitch pattern, or doing something arts and crafts related.  
I look forward to meeting you and working with you and your pet!

Dr. Tara Pugh

I  am so fortunte to have had a true African experience - I grew up in Zimababwe in the national park and living on a game reserve. There I had exposure to a large variety of animals right from the start - from playing with my bunny, Labrodors and cats, to the memories I have of feeding the elephants and going for sunset game drives.

Having experiences such as these, my passion for animals grew exponentially!

My family will tell you that from the tender age of five, I said that one day I will be a veterinarian. My pursuit of this dream saw me attend Veterinary School in South Africa. After I graduated I worked in a rural community near Kruger National Park, educating the local people on primary animal health care. I then had my own practice, working as a wildlife vet that treated, chemically imobilised and relocated wildlife, mostly from the seat ofa helicopter. Then I concentrated on small animal veterinary medicine and surgery, gaining valuable experience, with some time spend as a locum veterinarian travelling South Africa.

Now I have the opportunity for an exciting new adventure in beautiful Canada!

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your pets.

Dr. Jennifer Hewitt, DVM

Dr. Hewitt has lived in Calgary for the last 20+ years and attended the University of Calgary and completed both her Bachelor of Science in Zoology and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degrees.

She has been working in the Calgary area as a veterinarian since 2013 and has also worked in Vancouver, BC. Her primary interest is dermatology and has accumulated many hours of continuing education in this field as well as spent time with veterinary dermatologists to learn as much as possible in this field. She is particularly passionate about allergic skin disease and promoting wellness in her patients.  

In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, travelling, and spending time with her husband and their dogs. She has a Maltese cross named Marvin and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Archer. 

Katie B, RVT, Medical Director

I am the full-time RVT and Director of Medical Services at Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic.

Animals are my passion and I’ve always been an advocate for them. I used to bring home stray animals when I was younger so it was natural for me to make animal health my career choice.

I graduated from Lakeland College’s Animal Health Technology Program (now known as Veterinary Technician) in 2012.

Since becoming an RVT, I’ve graduated to adopting clinic kitties and have a brown Tabby named Mr. Porridge (the kitty in our parades and videos!), a Maltese cross named Koen and a hamster named Timothy.

My passions in veterinary medicine are dermatology and dentistry. I keep myself up-to-date by taking continuing education courses on these subjects and staying on top of the latest and greatest to keep our quality of medicine high.

As much as I love puppies and kittens, it’s the senior pets you’ll see me hanging out with in my free time. I love how gentle and wise they are and just seem to have an understanding of the world.

I was incredibly honoured to win the 2019 Veterinary Technician of the year across North America award from Pet Plan. I was so thankful to be nominated by a co-worker and to be taken to Florida to receive my award.

Michelle H, RVT

I grew up in southern Alberta on an acreage and have always had an interest in critters big and small. 

I graduated from the AHT program at Olds College in 2010 and have worked in a variety of clinics over the years. 

I enjoy building relationships with clients, working with their pets and seeing great improvement in their quality of life.

In my spare time I enjoy being involved with my church, going hiking and camping in the mountains, playing tennis and playing a variety of games with family and friends. 

At home, my husband and I have a crazy young cat named Belle, who is always up to mischief.


Client Care

Merissa, Client Care Coordinator

I have been working in the animal industry for over 10 years, learning a great deal about animal behaviour and nutrition. Most recently, I worked as a boarding supervisor at a local pet daycare and boarding centre that had a hospital attached to it. At this centre, they housed dogs and cats that had separation anxiety, geriatric patients, and patients recovering from a variety of surgeries which allowed me to learn more about veterinary medicine. I looked into many different methods of treatments to help the patients and their owners in order to make the animals’ boarding stays as smooth as possible.

In the past two years, I have taken a special interest in hospice and palliative care for animals and how to better help clients during these times. I also work part time at Pet Heaven to gain more knowledge in hospice and palliative care on all fronts.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Dekens Housecall Veterinary team, to share my knowledge, and learn more.

Dana, Client Care Coordinator

I have been working in the veterinary field since 2012. Animals are my passiona and I enjoy helping clients the best I can. I have two cates, Patrick and Sasha, and a hamster named Matthew.  

Both my cats are seniors and I understand how hard it can be as they age and have to go the vet more often. I appreciate that owners don't want to stress their pets out, which is why I support our mobile vet services so much. It's something that not everyone offers.

I also like that our clinic looks more like a home than an office, which helps lessen pet stress.

I love going to the mountains when I'm not working and visiting my grandparents. I love being outside and also watching tv shows all day and cuddling my cats.

Cayleigh, Client Care Coordinator

I recently graduated from the veterinary medical receptionist program at Olds College.

Growing up, we always had animals from cats, toads, salamanders, fish and hamsters. That is where my love of animals came from. I also enjoy rafting, camping, road trips and spending time with dog, Chuck. 

I'm excited to learn more about this field and what I have to offer!

Marketing & Bereavement Services 

Darlene Vandevenne, MSW, RSW, Executive Director, Marketing Services 

Many of my fondest memories have involved animals. The horse on my brother’s farm that I rode as a young girl, the cats and the first dog my children grew up with, and the many hamsters and guinea pigs we cared for over the years. I feel grateful to have shared my life with all these animals.

I strongly believe in the human-animal bond and I feel that my life has been richer for having had all these animals around. Now, I share my life with my husband Dirk Dekens, and our little dogs, Cayenne and Chai. Like children, they all have such different personalities and they all have such different interests. I have learned so much from them; for example, how accepting my dogs are and how quick they pick up on my body language when trying to navigate an agility course! I have also learned the importance of play and how it is good for both of us. I could not imagine a life without companion animals.

In working alongside Dirk through Dekens Housecall Veterinary Services, I have seen the tremendous bonds people have with their animals, as well as the pain when faced with a difficult diagnosis or end of life decision. I have experienced firsthand the struggle to make decisions about palliative care and end of life issues with our own dogs and know how important it is to feel understood. As Dirk has been known for providing compassionate home euthanasia, I saw a need to offer supportive counselling to our clients around these difficult decisions.

As a professionally trained clinical social worker with over 20 year of experience counselling children and adults with chronic illness, trauma and loss, I saw an area where I could give back to the community. I am here to offer support and grief counselling to ensure that our clients and their companion animals receive the care and compassion they need and work towards a respectful closure.

In my free time I enjoy doing agility with my little dog Chai, cycling, hiking in the mountains, traveling and spending time with friends.