Pet Wellness Plans

Preventative care can add so much to the quality of life for your pet. Unlike humans, our pets can’t tell us how they are feeling, so visits and exams are even more important. Annual exams and regular checkups can detect health issues early on and can result in more effective treatment.

Your annual plan can broken down into monthly payments that give you the ability to budget for your pet’s health care and take a proactive approach to your pet’s care.
Included are regular check ups, blood work, fecal testing, follow up exams, vaccinations and microchips. We also have plans for senior pets that include chest x-rays. Dental health is also an important aspect of your pet’s overall health so we also have plans that include an annual teeth cleaning.*
If you have questions about our Pet Wellness Plans, please call our clinic at (403) 615-8016.**
* Pet Wellness Plans do not replace pet insurance or cover the costs of medication, surgery or tooth extractions. What a Pet Wellness Plan gives you is the peace of mind that you can bring your pet to the vet anytime they need and get the diagnosis and treatment they need to get them feeling better.

**As members of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, we are unable to share our prices on our website, but are happy to share our Pet Wellness Plans or can respond to email requests for pricing.