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Skin Conditions and Your Pet

Skin issues in dogs and cats are caused by a variety of underlying health issues. Our vets thoroughly examine your pets and run the necessary tests before moving to the treatment phase. We love giving your pet relief from irritated, itchy, or allergic skin!
We can help if your dog or cat has:
  • Itchy Flaky Skin                                            • Infected Skin
  • Rashes                                                                • Allergic Skin Reactions
  • Hot Spots                                                         • Folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles)
  • Crusty Scabs                                                  • Pyoderma/Impetigo (bacterial infection of the skin
  • Miliary Dermatitis                                     • And More...     
Our vet, Dr. Jennifer Hewitt , has a special interest in pet dermatology and has taken numerous courses to enhance her learning in this area. To learn more about Dr. Hewitt click here.
Phone us at (403) 615-8016 to book an appointment to with our caring, compassionate and pet-centred veterinarians work with you to reach the best outcome for your dogs and cats.